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              Disposable Blood Lancet(Soft 2 Twist)

              Soft 5 Twist-2.jpg


              Soft 2 - Twist Lancets

              SteriLance Soft 2 twist lancets offer a complete range of needle sizes to ensure that accurate blood samples for all popular meters can be obtained with any skin type, quickly, easily and consistently.

              Product Features

              - Conventional twist-off cap design
              - Versitile with most lancing devices
              - Sterilized by gamma-radiation
              - Smooth tri-bevel needle tip for comfortable sampling experience
              - Snap the used needle onto the cap before discarding the used lancet

              Safety Reminders

              The lancet shall be used by a single user to avoid cross infection
              Reuse will affect safety, performance and effectiveness

              Ordering Information

              Item No. Color Gauge Packaging
              01-0221 1.jpgYellow 21G 50pcs/box, 10,000pcs/case
              100pcs/box, 5,000pcs/case
              01-0223 2.jpgLight Blue 23G
              01-0226 3.jpgRose 26G
              01-0228 4.jpgDark Blue 28G
              01-0230 5.jpgPurple 30G
              01-0232 6.jpgIvory 32G
              01-0233 7.jpgGreen 33G



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