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              Latest exhibition details of SteriLance
              作者/來源:/ 發表時間:2016-04-22


                 After attending the MediConex Cairo Health 2016 from 19-21st April,2016,Sterilance Medical will attend a important International  exhibition in May, we launched a series of new products this year, so you can get more information in the column of "SteriLance Products" . If you are interested in our products,  you can visit us during the exhibition,there will have professional staff to help your solve problems. Details of the exhibition are as follows:



              Hospitalar 2016,Sao Paulo Brazil


              【Time of Exhibition】17-20st May,2016

              【Place of Exhibition】St Paul Brazil North Exhibition Center

              【Booth of Sterilance】Hall6.1,Booth H83+85

              【Information of Exhibition】

                 HOSPITALAR 2016 will take place in São Paulo, Brazil from May 17-20, 2016. Hospitalar is the most important health fair in Brazil and Latin America. The show features products ranging from the most sophisticated state-of-the-art medical technology to disposables. Almost 90,000 professional visitors and over 1,250 exhibitors are anticipated at this year’s show.


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