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              • Contact Us

              SteriLance is looking for new partnerships with medical device companies and distributors around the world.

              SteriLance welcomes you to visit our facilities. You will see both SteriLance latest products and Chinese 5,000-years civilization. SteriLance is located in Suzhou, the best city combining modern business and ancient culture. Did you know that Suzhou is not only a famous cultural city and a city of gardens in China, but also the silk capital of China for more than 1,500 years? Knowing its roots, SteriLance is following the silk road to widen business as our ancestors.

              SteriLance is now establishing a worldwide sales network to get closer to you. We believe that our cooperation will definitely enhance safety and health in the medical environment.

              SteriLance Medical (Suzhou) Inc.
              NO.68 LiTangHe Rd, XiangCheng, Suzhou, China
              Tel : 0086 (512) 65799308
              Fax : 0086 (512) 67217663
              E-mail : smc@www.beng-pumps.com

              SteriLance Medical (USA) Inc.
              337 Curie Drive Alpharetta GA 30005
              Tel : 001 (770) 740 1401
              Fax : 001 (678) 254 1771
              E-mail : smu@www.beng-pumps.com

              Distributor in Europe:
              Vitrex Medical A/S
              Vasekaer 6-8 2730 Herlev Denmark
              Tel : 0045 44508031
              Fax : 0045 44531711
              E-mail : ehm@vitrex.dk | ahp@vitrex.dk  

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