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              • About us

              SteriLance Medical is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and customer service of medical devices and disposables.

              Since 1993, SteriLance has been making continuous efforts to develop innovative safety engineered medical products, and now we are one of the leading manufacturers of capillary blood lancing devices and disposable scalpels in the world.

              SteriLance Diabetes Care products are all designed with a basic aim in mind: to help people with diabetes live better lives and to make blood sampling easier and painless. Lancets are the most important part of our diabetes care portfolio as we have been working on a way that could make blood sugar monitoring easier for all patients.

              SteriLance is the largest manufacturer of surgical blades, scalpels and handles in China. The patented automatic blade grinding and polishing line ensures constant quality and reliable use of our surgical blades. We understand that safety is of the utmost importance, so we offer both metal reusable and plastic retractable safety scalpels that are both cost effective and user friendly to meet surgical requirements.

              In 2013, we started building up a new headquarter, covering 50,000m2 in Jiangsu Medical Science and Technology Park. We will continue working hard and will never end development of more and more innovative, safe and effective medical devices to help all human beings live better and healthy lives.


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